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Welcome! Use the form below to pitch any topic you like.  We want Guest Bloggers for JanetTV.com – the leading web-channel for athletic & active females, their sports and their fans. You give us great content that our large and growing audience will love. In return, we give you a publicity platform that increases your authority, influence and exposure. You can use writing for JanetTV.com to get book deals, speaking gigs, or to help start your own business.  
What can you write about? Check out JanetTV.com for ideas, but…in general, you can write about any sport, any female athlete or coach (past or present, from any country), any sporting event involving females, any action or physical activity (parachuting, yoga, pilates, cheerleading, dancing, bodybuilding…), weight-loss, health, fitness, competing, coaching, peak performance, getting recruited … 

We want your submission to be grammatically correct and tightly edited. The better written your submission, the more likely we are to publish it. Teach our readers something. Give our readers real, actionable content. Warning! Don’t write about yourself unless you are a well-known sports celebrity.  Write for our target of sports-involved, physically active females, and their fans.
When we publish your blog/article we will include your byline at the end of the article which will be linked back to any web address you choose. You can link to your blog, your company’s website, a sales letter, or your newsletter subscription form. P lease note, we cannot respond to all queries and you'll only hear from us if it's something we're interested in running.
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