Thank you for your interest in providing media coverage of the California State Fair. Please complete the form to apply for your Media Credential(s).
Reminder: Credentials are assigned to a media organization, and can be only used by approved members of your organization. When requesting a specific number of Media Credentials please refer to the guide below:
Television - maximum of 10
Radio - maximum of 8
Print - maxium of 4
Photography - maximum of 2
Online - maximum of 2
Please provide valid, government-issued photo IDs of those who will use Media Credentials. Those IDs can be emailed to  as either a PDF/jpeg/png. The media credential application cannot be processed until we receive the proper photo identification.

Cal Expo reserves the right to verify the validity of any media organization and/or staff member in advance of providing credentials and in its sole discretion can revoke credentials for any reason, including abuse or fraud.
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