Would you like to be a select member of our Senior Rep 2019 program. Our top earning Senior Rep last year earned over $528! We are only accepting up to 5 seniors this year for this program.  
Being a Senior Rep is EASY!  Just take a little time to post your photos! Receive FREE sessions throughout your senior year, discounts and other exclusive opportunities!  
What is the Program:   In simple terms, you become a model. You are highlighted on our studio, website, blog, social media and marketing material.
Free Sessions:   You can receive up to four free sessions throughout the year and are considered to be the models for ANY new session or product for the up and coming senior class (Samples as done in the past were Vintage sessions, new set’s created at our Private Portrait Park, City Night Lights in Portland, Snow Sessions, etc.)
Discounts:   You can receive discounts on your senior photos by simply referring your friends and participating in easy challenges.  Your friends get discounts, too!  The more you participate, the more discounts you get on your senior photos… with enough points, you could get your senior photos FREE!  
  Flexibility with YOUR schedule:  Any part of this program will work around your busy schedule!  
Great for your Resume and Marketing Experience:   This program can be put on any work resume or college application.
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