We think you’re pretty remarkABLE. ArtMix wants you to help make this November unforgettABLE. This month ArtMix is redefining disability and celebrating what it means to be ABLE with the #IAmAble campaign as we gear up for Giving Tuesday. 
Able is defined as (1) having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something, or (2) having considerable skill proficiency, or intelligence.

At ArtMix we believe everyone is ABLE in their own unique way. While the large majority of the folks we serve have a diagnosed disability, we focus on what individuals are ABLE to do, rather than what limitations they might have.
The ArtMix tagline is "art redefining disability." We provide students with opportunities for self-discovery, where they are empowered to find their abilities and hone their talents.
The #IAmAble campaign aims to share a narrative that focuses on ability. We are looking for a capABLE person, just like you, to join our campaign.
Will you pledge to support the #IAmAble campaign and join us in redefining disability?
What taking the pledge means:
  1. You recognize abilities within yourself and within others.
  2. You are in support of the ArtMix mission, to trransform the lives of people with disabilities through the creation of art.

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