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(P&D) Accessory Dwelling Units
(P&D) Agricultural Enterprise Ordinance
(P&D) Agricultural Farmstays
(P&D) Agriculture
(P&D) Annual Zoning Amendments
(P&D) Cannabis Ordinance/Regulations
(P&D) Circulation Element Update
(P&D) Coastal Resiliency
(P&D) Commercial/Residential Zoning Ordinance Amendments
(P&D) Environmental Justice Element
(P&D) Hollister Avenue – State Street Improvements Project
(P&D) Hoop Structure Ordinance Amendment
(P&D) Housing Element Update
(P&D) Housing Policy
(P&D) Interim GHG Thresholds
(P&D) Safety Element Update (Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment & Adaptation Plan)
(P&D) Santa Claus Lane Beach Access and Streetscape Improvements
(P&D) Senate Bill 9 Objective Standards
(P&D) Short Term Rentals
(P&D) Small Wireless Telecom Facilities
(P&D) Union Valley Parkway
(P&D) Utility Scale Solar Amendments
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