Learn where to find business NOW!

Right now the world is uncertain, yet that didn’t change the certainty that many people would still be buying and selling real estate. In many markets, we are seeing a trend of 80% buyer leads coming in, and 20% seller leads.  It's time to be purposeful in finding sellers looking to move NOW so all those buyers can find a house to buy!

Where are you going to find your leads? And what systems do you need to have in place? Don’t miss out on this opportunity because the world is uncertain, but your success doesn't need to be. Join me and Haro this Wednesday to learn what you need to do to get business NOW. 

Join me, Anna Krueger, Real Estate and Strengths Coach & Haro Setian, Founder of The Haro Group, to learn how to find business now!

Anna & Haro will be live Wednesday, May 20th @ 3:30 PM EST. 
You will learn: 
- Where to find NOW business
- How to set appointments that show
- What systems you need in place and much more! 
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