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Events are not the focus of Christian life, but they can be valuable tools God can use to challenge us and grow our faith while we AIM for a balance of Action , Integrity , and Maturity !

Taking AIM Newsletter The monthly men's event newsletter that started our ministry, and remains the heart of our communication and networking efforts.
HOI Christian Movies :  Learn about theater releases, church screenings, and other news affecting our area.  Heaviest volume would be when a movie is currently playing in theaters .
500 Club Did you know 500 tickets will confirm most films?  Your consideration of buying 5-10 tickets can make it happen.  You'll hear about possible films FIRST, so you can watch the trailer, and not just support films once here, but be part of bringing them to town! (formerly HOI Christian Movie Champions)

RMM :  Includes both Regional Movie Ministries and Christian Movie Centrals. Both are efforts to replicate our Christian Movie efforts to other communities.  RMMs are more broad and can cover many different efforts, while CMCs are more defined and recommended as a first step to build and grow the initial audience.
Chillicothe Christian Films :  The Town Theatre in downtown Chillicothe has to decide which films to bring to town on delayed openings.  This list will be to ask those in the area if they would be willing to go see the film in Chilli - again or for the first time, and allow theatre management to decide which films have enough support..
Pastors & Leaders : The least used email list.  This is typically to share larger events or news specific to pastors or leaders. (may include special advanced screening offers)

Trafficking:  Events (films or otherwise) on the subject of modern day slavery / human trafficking.  As a men's ministry, we can't deny the impact or damage on our society by pornography, and human trafficking is fueled by porn.
Because He Lives!
Rich Gerberding
Ministry Director

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